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tru fax mishas awesome
kitsune's are cannon now?
I dono new season I'm kindof scared to go on.
I miss Misha
Been having a long love afair with tumblr again. But I was on the SPN reverse bang for art! :D so that is soon!
found out that http://lizzstomania.livejournal.com/ Lizstomania is the amazing writer half and super excited!
Anyone know a good tutorial for getting peoples user names and picture links in journals?
I am slow to post on here and It will be more fun to be able to gif out. :)

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john awesome sweater reading
Is it just me or is Misha's count down to the day the rapture is supposed to happen again?

So excited.
Another website that I cant get into. GISHWHES and Pottermore are just taunting me.

Still alive
john awesome sweater reading
Hey Live journal.
I am still alive I promice.
I discovered tumblr and have fallin in love.
Does anyone else have the problem with Livejournal adds when you close the popup the page links wont work untill you refresh?

john awesome sweater reading

Sign it, express your opinions on why you agree that Edlund should be showrunner, and pimp it out!

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john awesome sweater reading

Kripke, I'm sorry. I had a crisis of faith and I doubted you and your plan. I take back most of the ... not to nice things i said about you the last 2 days. Faith restored I am going to be ridiculously optomistic!
I forgot how character growth happens in this show. You cant be one of the guys if you don't go darkside at least once and someone punches the stupid out of you (normally literally) and Dean sheds a Single Manly Tear, then they are BFF's again even closer than before.
I just hope Cas survives the incoming angst.
There isn't much room to go darkside when your an angel. Cas is still a good guy at heart so he wouldn't fall and apocalypse like Lucy. So he would go the way where he believes he is doing good and fulfilling his need to be loved/appreciated. Dean is totally going to have to overcome his feelings allergy. Saucery says it perfectly here. http://saucery.livejournal.com/14078.html  It makes so much sence once you think about it. :)
With the way the season was going we didn't really have to many options as to how the season would end. Especially with how stubborn Cas and Dean were being. I would rather have Cas be God (kinda awesome) than he die. This way we get another season with his sexy ass, just have to wait for his crazy to wear off, and Dean to save the day. (that sentence needs better grammar i suck. It's so heartbreaking.
So 4 long months until potential awesome-ness can occur. Till then I will read a tonne of WAFF and Godstied/Dean fic that will ensue!
Castiel will provide for us! (now officially a crazy person) Kripke and Co. Please be gentle in season 7.
much love
Devout Cas follower

Also didnt Misha totally call how Cas would handle power?
I saw a youtube interview with Misha and I dont remember where but he was talking about how he and Cas both would react and use power for evel. So he either totally called it or they had aleady finished this season.
Cant wait for Misha's reaction to being God at the con's over the summer!

really supernatural... really?
john awesome sweater reading
I mean sure I was iffy about this season to begin with but hey Im a sucker for punishment.
I dont even know.
I mean my mantra for the last 2 weeks has been "In Kripke we trust"
I miss old Cas
Please season 7 dont break my heart.

my name is dusk light and I have a problem
john awesome sweater reading

Holey crap its 3 in the morning and I just realized I have spent the last 4 hours of my life going through all the pictures in the Daily Misha lj http://dailymisha.livejournal.com/ I have a problem.
I also bought a misha sweater of of ebay for $150 and I dont regret it for a second. I cant wait for it to show up in the mail.
This wasnt suposto be my first post but for somereason the other one I had posted from my phone while I was at work a couple weeks ago didnt actually post.
So any other Misha addicts want to share my pain it hurts so good.  :D
I havent had a serious lj before but I really want to give it a go!
Also any supernatural fic recs im always game!


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