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random life stuff and talk of mass effect 3
robot head
It is official I am playing to much
Last night I had a dream where I was commander Sheppard. The male Sheppard too haha. It was weird everyone kept letting me get away with really stupid shit because I was going through alot of stress cause of the war and saving the galaxy and all. But I was mad at everyone because no matter what is happening you really deserve to be yelled at if you show up to battle stoned. Yep really silly dream.

So I am about 3/4 of the way through ME3 and so far I am so happy. There have been so many really hard decisions to make, and bioware does a very good job of making your decisions feel like they really matter. Last night Joker yelled at me for being to hard on myself and I was really shocked. Even though I am playing with my imported paragon Sheppard alot of my team and former team have died. Though there are times where you can't help choosing renegade options cause they are just so awesome.

I don't post near enough on here as I don't write and am a horrible critic of my art. So I was thinking of starting a rec list just as something to have on my journal that isn't my boring ramblings.

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Bri and I were in the game store today and I was like I dont have time to play games. And then I saw the ME3 guide! Its a freaking metro telephone book. I really don't have time for that. Your tags are beautiful by the way.

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