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Art Master Post for spn reversebang
tru fax mishas awesome
First time doing any such thing on lj!
This is for the
I am still crappy at this whole using images and stuff.

Very big thanks to the wonderful for putting up with my absentmindedness and procrastination!!
her amazing fic
You must read it it is amazing!

The original picture

This is additional art I did. I only wish my scanner had not eaten up all the shading I had done. *le sigh.


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(Deleted comment)
I posted the pictures and made a cut! *feels accomplished lol
You are awesome!
Your fic is su much perfect!

Awwwwww, you're boys are so cute! And your car looks awesome too. And now there's something new from lizzstomania too? How much better can this get? I might forget my heart is crushed because GISHWHES is over

(Deleted comment)
Yes! I was all what is sleep, now I miss it already!
Than you! I always have a mini panic attack about sharing my art to people!
Lizzstomania is made of awesome.

AND THERE'S A CAT!! OMG...THE CAT!! *sugar high from all these addorbs stuff*

That drawing you made as a prompt is adorable! I like your sketches too. Really nice style:)

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